OBSERVEfinal symposium.

15 - 16 october 2012 . thessaloniki . greece


After a successful two-year period, with two thematic workshops, two Caravan events and a series of dissemination activities, OBSERVE organizes its final symposium.

The aims of the Symposium are to:

1. Capitalize on the outcomes of the OBSERVE project, through:

    • Presentation of the “Spatial Information System and the Stakeholder database”
    • Presentation of an in depth “Multilevel assessment and gap analysis” regarding the EO activities in the Balkans
    • Presentation of the “Roadmap and Strategy plan for strengthening EO capacity”

2. Raise awareness in the Balkans, through:

    • Demonstration of EO solutions on the different Societal Benefit Areas
    • Dissemination of Challenges and Best practice examples in the Balkan countries

3. Scale up in challenging times, through:

    • Sharing experiences with other related EU sponsored capacity building projects
    • Attraction of key public institutions and authorities
    • Favouring the involvement of local decision makers

4. Serve as a network vehicle for dissemination and capacity development mechanisms